catch basin and storm drain repair and rebuilding

Minimize Parking Lot Drainage Issues With Catch Basin Repair and Rebuilding

Parking lots must drain properly to keep the area from flooding during rains or thaws. Typically, the lot’s surface is sloped to allow water to drain to catch basins that move water to the municipal storm drains. When a catch basin fails to function properly, the parking lot may quickly flood, making the area unusable by your customers or employees. With professional catch basin repair and rebuilding, proper site drainage will quickly be restored. While most property owners don’t notice drainage issues until they become severe, it’s always preferable to attack drainage issues while they are still relatively minor. Doing so will prevent flooding and potential damage to customer vehicles or a loss of business.

What is involved with catch basin and storm drain maintenance?

Many of the issues routinely seen in the New Jersey area result from erosion and the area’s changing temperatures. Freezing and thawing forces catch basins and storm drains to heave, which makes it impossible for water to drain properly. While the exact repair strategy depends on the type of basin and the degree of damage, storm drain repair and rebuilding generally involves digging up the catch basin, making any needed repairs, and re-leveling the basin to allow water to flow to the storm drainage system. The repairs are generally completed quickly, with minimal disruption to your customers’ or employees’ routines.

If the catch basin is damaged beyond repair, what steps are needed?

While most catch basins are repairable, some older installations may need to be replaced or upgraded to a larger sized unit to properly serve your parking lot needs. In that situation, we’ll provide you with storm drain repair and replacement options to make sure your current or anticipated needs are met. Our crews make rebuilding a catch basin as painless as possible and will make sure your parking lot is fully functional again as quickly as humanly possible.

While the catch basin construction project may create minor issues, the end result is well worth any short-term inconvenience. Proper catch basin repair and rebuilding prevent flooding and potential damage to customer or employee vehicles while they are on the property. Proper drainage also makes sure the potential for surface ice buildups are minimized during our freeze-thaw cycles. If you suspect catch basin issues are present, contact us today for a comprehensive evaluation of your parking lot drainage system.

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