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If your looking for a retaining wall contractor that is experienced, does exceptional quality work, is reliable and works in the Sussex county area, you’ve come to the right place.

We provide two types of retaining walls. Masonry and dry stack segmental walls also known as landscape block walls. Today most retaining walls are built from the later since they are significantly less expensive and the decorative options are virtually unlimited.

The general purpose of a retaining wall is to hold and retain the soil behind it.

The Two Most Common Landscape Block Walls Types Are:

  • Gravity Retaining Walls
  • Geogrid

To determine the proper type of wall you need to build will be influenced by several factors. For instance, is the soil sandy or more on the clay side, or perhaps in between? How high does the wall need to be and what will be above it? Even splitting the retaining wall into separate tiers is an option. Once we make these determinations we can know exactly what type of wall you will need to build and ensure a long lasting, maintenance free wall.

Gravity Retaining Walls

These types of walls rely on the sheer weight of themselves and the interlocking features of the block themselves. Their ideal uses are for shorter walls with less earth pressure behind them. Often times it’s more desirable to build to two of this type of wall in tiers than to build a higher wall.

Reinforced Retaining Walls

This type of wall uses a geosynthetic material or “grid” to reinforce soil behind your wall and to minimize the pressure against it. There are many types of this system that can be utilized for specific wall types. These types of systems are placed between the wall blocks and extended behind it during the wall construction and create a much stronger soil mass and in turn a much stronger, stable structure.


Proper Drainage and Water Management For Retaining Wall Construction


Every retaining wall, wether a masonry retaining wall or segmental block wall, requires some type of backfilling drainage system to alleviate any unnecessary pressure put on the wall by water or wet soil. This can’t be overstated.  Water creates a tremendous pressure as does the material behind your wall. Backfilling your wall with gravel not only reduces the pressure, but allows  water seep down to the base of the wall to a drainage pipe, which is then diverted away. This also allows for your wall to stay dry and last for years to come.

With the right planning and construction your retaining wall will add value, more useable space and beautify your home for a lifetime.

We install many retaining walls for a wide variety of uses that include, pool area’s, driveways, planters and more!

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