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Concrete Pool Patio Installers

Concrete Pool Patio

Installing an in ground pool requires a lot of decision making. Location, shape, liners, whether to install a heater, etc. The list goes on. Now your dream pool is installed and all that’s left to do is make your decision on what type of patio you’ll want and a little landscaping. You’ll be swimming before you know it. So let’s take a look at some choices.


A Concrete Pool Patio or Paver Patio?

Both have their advantages. ┬áLet’s list the benefits of pavers first.

  • You’ll get some sun while spaying weeds, (weekly).
  • The exercise benefits every spring repairing settled pavers.
  • Becoming friendly with the ants that live in the joints.
  • You’ll feel like your at the beach from the sand used to fill the cracks.

Now let’s check out some concrete benefits.

  • No maintenance. (maybe a power wash every few years).
  • It’s simplicity, letting your pool be the focal point, (not your patio).
  • Easier and more secure for today’s popular loop-lock pool cover installation.
  • Cheaper than pavers.

You get the point. Our goal is to help you choose the right concrete pool patio installers. No, all concrete contractors are not the same and that’s never been more true than when it comes to pouring concrete pool decks. It’s a specialty. One that very few masons are experienced or skilled at.

Pouring a concrete pool patio requires detailed attention to such things as :

  • Handrails and ladders being plumb and level.
  • Skimmers being set to correct height.
  • Diving boards set to meet local and federal codes.
  • Wire mesh grounded and inspected to meet code.
  • Correct placement of expansion joints.
  • Keeping concrete off the coping and accessories, (and out of your pool).
  • Meticulous clean up.

As you can clearly see, there’s more to it than meet’s the eye.

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