Replacing  Pool Coping Caulk in Northern NJ.

The caulk joint between a pools coping and concrete deck serves as a buffer between the two. This prevents the concrete decking from disturbing the pools coping during movement. Pool concrete decks are designed to move and most of this movement occurs in the winter when frost enters the ground thus lifting the concrete and the subsequent lowering in spring when the ground thaws.

There are many different sealants used for pool caulk joint repair in Northern NJ. The most common being a self-leveling blend. Unfortunately none of these compounds are 100% UV stable, so they eventually break down.

As cracking and shrinking occur, other more serious problems begin to present themselves. Neglecting to remove and replace the caulk joint leaves openings where water can seep down between the coping and concrete deck. This moisture will eventually damage the coping itself, costing the pool owner much more than the cost of maintaining the caulk joint.

Pool Caulk Joint Repair in Northern NJ.

Caulk Joint Replacement

Removing the existing joint and replacing with new caulk is a relatively quick repair, normally taking one day. The good news here is that todays compounds are significantly better than those used not long ago. Although better, they will still need periodic replacement, (usually 3 to 5 years) depending on your pools exposure to the sun.

Pool Expansion Joint Replacement by J.W. Construction

We have over 20 years experience in pool caulk joint repair in Northern NJ.. We take great care in removing all of the existing caulking and use only the highest quality replacement materials.